About Me


Hi Everyone!! I am Khamar, from Hyderabad, India. Currently, I live in USA with my husband and two lovely little girls.  Its been three years since we moved here after quitting my software job. Since then, cooking which used to be a normal activity to feed my family became a passionate activity which I look forward to do in a day. As a child,  I liked to watch food and travel documentaries. Now, following other food blogs and searching for new recipes on web, bookmarking them and creating my own recipe from it became my  new hobby.

This blog is the mirror of what happens in my kitchen. Here, I will share with you traditional recipes with my healthier twists, new age Indian recipes made by fusion of other cuisines, and occasionally some indulgent delights. I  think enjoying different varieties of food, with healthy ingredients, in moderate portions, along with some exercise is the way to healthy and balanced lifestyle.  This is blog is to share my efforts towards the same and learn from fellow bloggers.

And, I am not a professional chef. I learned cooking from my mother and continue to learn from her and this blogging world. Recipes I share here are from my parents or other blogs or cookbooks and I give due credit to them. I hope you enjoy my recipes and healthify your plate.



Khamar 🙂


  1. Hi Khamar,
    i really got surprised by seeing this blog..Is this ur personal blog?? I mean Is this created by u only?? yesterday i have seen ur blog through fb. Its really great thought dear. This is vidya ur hostel mate. Now me too housewife and doing experiments in kitchen.Thanks to share ur cooking experiences with us.
    How is ur life going?? how is ur little princess doing??
    I hope we will be in touch in this blog dear.

    Regards vidya


    • Heyy Vidya!! Happy to hear from you. We are fine and doing good. Howz your married life?? Yeah..this is my blog and written by only me..Thanks for encouraging words..We will be in touch definetly.


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